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KC Concepcion, or Maria Kristina Cassandra Concepcion in real life and a Filipina actress, was born on April 7, 1985 to Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Concepcion.

KC has been legally adopted by Sen. Francis "Kiko" Pangilinan, the present husband of her mother Sharon.

It was in 2003 when KC began her stint in the advertising world and she became one of the most sought after endorsers.

In the same year, instead of entering showbiz, she flew to France to begin her college life there. She took up International Corporate Commnuications with a minor in Theater Arts at the American University of Paris. She graduated in 2007.

After her graduation, KC returned to the Philippines and signed contract with ABS-CBN. KC did a documentary entitled KC: From Paris to Pinas which details her college years in France. She also did her first television drama special in Maalaala Mo Kaya.

KC debuted in the big screen when she was paired with GMA-7 talent Richard Gutierrez in the movie "For The First Time" (under Star Cinema) which is a blockbuster hit.

KC started the year 2009 with a bang. Her Valentine movie with Richard entitled "When I Met You" is again a certified box office hit. It even made a record of Php25 million gross in one day on February 14, 2009.

After her team-up with Richard Gutierrez, KC is scheduled to be paired with Piolo Pascual. One of their projects is the Philippine TV remake of the hit Koreanovela "Lovers In Paris" where KC portrays the role of Vivian. A movie, tentatively titled "The Man I Loved" is also lined for KC and Piolo. They are scheduled to start filming in January 2009.


KC has been recently into controversies and some even labeled it as "KC Concepcion Scandal" which KC and people near KC denied. Some websites posted some pictures of KC partying with friends that shows KC as an ordinary party goer in Paris. Although some pictures show KC with some male friends in not so ordinary actions, those are far from their label as "scandal". In fact, as some avid fans claim, those pictures actually came form the blog of KC herself.

Sharon came to defend KC saying that she is aware that KC was a social drinker when she was still in Paris and Sharon says KC knows her limitations.

Next is the controversy that says Concepcion was also involved in the notorious sex videos of Hayden Kho. Blogs pointed out that KC was caught in a cellphone camera allegedly by Hayden while undressing/changing her clothes in an undisclosed location. But looking at the alleged video of KC reveals that it was not really KC. Those controversies died down and many remarked that those controversies were orchestrated by people who wants to put KC down.

KC Concepcion and Piolo Pascual

After/During their tandem in the hit TV series "Lovers In Paris", love has been developed between KC and Piolo Pascual. But nobody knew it until Piolo admitted in national TV that they are officially lovers. They kept it among themselves for a long time although there were already a lot of movie people who have noticed the sweetness of the two. It was in KC's talk show where Piolo admitted in the air that they are already "lovers" for almost a year. It was not scripted and KC was in tears while the "report" about Piolo's admission of their relationship was airing. The interview was actually held at the backstage of the studio and a lot of KC-Piolo fans were delighted with that revelation. There were ups and downs in their relationship which one time included KC's mega mother Sharon Cuneta but they always made it through.

But despite the denials and effort to withstand controversies, their relationship didn't prosper. A lot of fans were surprised when KC decided to go into open and tell the world her relationship with Piolo is already finished. She was very careful in stating the real cause of their controversial breakup. There were some who are insenuating that Piolo is gay but KC never admitted it. There was no third party involved, if we are going to believe the testimony of KC. Piolo however didn't give his side on the issue. He kept silent even if the showbiz world was waiting for her side on the falling down of their relationship.

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